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DayZ Addons

Server Side Upgrades

Loot overhaul

More Loot, More Vehicle Parts, Realistic Loot types per location


More Vehicles, Realistic Spawns, Better Initial states, Life-time persistence, Unused Vehicles will be removed after a month


Donations result in a personal vehicle of your choice, locked, for only your use.

Self BloodBag

Who needs friends? They only want you for your antibiotics!

Salvage Works

No broken scripts here

Starting Loadout

Limited, but helpful starting loadout. Includes smoke grenades and a bike.

Deployable Bike

Right click your toolbox to deploy a Bike. Realistic and useful for long distances.

Self Refuel

You can automatically refuel your vehicle in any petrol station. No need for jerries!

More Buildings

Richer, Better Chenarus


  • 1998-2015

    Humble Beginnings

    I played alot of great games, their servers long since dead.

  • January 2015

    An Idea is Born

    Lets get those darn good servers up and running again. Starting off with the best server DayZ has ever had.

  • Help the dream.

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